What do you like most in Italy? Is it a lively Rome? Do magical Venice? Do you dream hilly Tuscany? Or maybe you value them as such? For archaeological sites, the mountains or the sea?

I was in Italy I like small towns. And it so happens that the Italians have created a great list of the most beautiful villages in Italy (I Borghi più belli d'Italia).

The list is not perfect. It was established as an association of towns and is part of the list of Les Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre (the most beautiful villages of the world). It is currently in its 250 villages.

When planning a trip to Italy, always pay attention to the two lists. Of course, UNESCO, and that I Borghi piu belli d'Italia. So it is this time. We are driving through Apulia we visited two of the most beautiful villages (in fact often they are the town than the village, but a matter of nomenclature).

Generally "I scored" already, or maybe only 15. I decided to show you some of them and encourage you the next time they took this list into account and looked at the time of your route does not run next to one of them. Or better yet - by you to the list decided where you go on holiday stationary. Because nowhere, but nowhere, not of relaxation better!

Locorotondo, Puglia

This village, which inspired me to today to show you this list. Snow, full of small streets that are full of restaurants and potted flowers.

Canale di Tonno, Trentino

Stone panoramic lake Tonno near the famous Lake Garda. Walking around it has the impression that sank forever.

Brisighella, Emilia-Romagna

Considered an ideal place for leisure life (slow life). They leave the trails and restaurants are considered the best in the world.

Castelmola, Sicily

The village, which can be reached on foot from the famous Taormina which spreads excellent view just to his greater friend. Super alternative to the crowded resort.

Castelsardo, Sardinia

Touristy, but undoubtedly beautiful, small town on the northern coast of Sardinia. Located on a hill flows into the sea.

Dozza, Emilia-Romagna

The color Dozzie for years held the annual festival of street art, so that almost every house today is stuck paintings. Dozza is also a wine selection of the region of Emilia-Romagna, in which you try almost every wine produced in the ER.

Erice, Sicily

Very popular village located on the city of Trapani. Like Canale is all made of stone. You will see here two castles, wonderful churches and try wonderful sweets.

Otranto, Puglia

Another coastal town on the peninsula of Salento on the heel of Italy. Today, a popular holiday resort.